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The Monkey King's Daughter® The Collected Works, Books 1-4 is a thrilling series that follows the journey of Meilin, a Chinese-American teenager, on her path of self-discovery and empowerment. Against the backdrop of Chinese myth and legend, the series explores themes of compassion, humility, loyalty, balance, and honor.

These four books, MEILIN, RED BOY, SPIDER DEMON, and JADE RABBIT, come together to create a captivating and inspiring tale of personal growth and resilience. Meilin becomes a role model for multicultural audiences as she learns to value herself and her actions.

The Monkey King's Daughter® The Collected Works, Books 1-4 is for anyone seeking an exciting adventure and a story of personal growth. As a new superhero for the ages, Meilin confronts the deadliest demons imaginable with unwavering bravery and skill.

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MEILIN Book 1 follows Meilin, a teenage girl who is unaware of her true identity as the daughter of Sun Wukong, the legendary Monkey King. Living in Midland Hills, California, Meilin is just trying to navigate the typical challenges of being a high school freshman - dealing with friends, schoolwork, and acne. However, her ordinary life is turned upside down when she discovers her connection to her ancient demon heritage and the incredible powers that come with it. Meilin must learn to embrace her true identity and use her strength and wisdom to overcome the challenges that come her way.

RED BOY Book 2 As Meilin struggles to come to terms with her newfound powers and identity, she is faced with a difficult decision. A betrayal from her past, compounded with the distraction of a new love interest, leaves her questioning her purpose in life. Things come to a head when an old enemy emerges, threatening the survival of the entire Demon Monkey Kingdom. Meilin must choose which path to follow and use her strength and wisdom to protect those she loves. Will she rise to the challenge and become the hero she was meant to be?

Spider Demon Book 3 Meilin finds herself at a crossroads when her heart and her mother's wishes are at odds. As a 14-year-old, she grapples with the difficult decision of whether to follow her own desires or respect her mother's wishes. Ultimately, she chooses to defy her mother and travel back in time to the era of her father, the Monkey King, in order to save someone's life.  However, this decision puts her in danger as she confronts magical forces and a Spider Demon that threaten not only her own life but the lives of others as well. Meilin must use her bravery and determination to overcome these challenges and emerge as a hero.

Jade Rabbit Book 4 Meilin is faced with a difficult mission as she races against time to save her uncle Zhu's life. Along the way, she is forced to question her every decision and determine who to trust and follow. She must also confront the Jade Rabbit Tong, a secret society of Shadow Demons determined to bring about the destruction of the world. In order to defeat them and retrieve Zhu's ch'i, Meilin is forced to team up with an old frenemy, a fox demon, only to learn that she cannot always trust those around her.  Through her journey, Meilin must use her wits and strength to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious.

You may also buy the original adventures separately.

Cover image, The Monkey King's Daughter®, Book 1

MEILIN   Book 1

ISBN: 978-0-9678094-4-1  Amazon    @ IndieBound     @ Powell's  @

Cover image, The Monkey King's Daughter®, Book 2

RED BOY   Book 2

ISBN: 978-0-9678094-2-7  Amazon   @ IndieBound     @ Powell's  @

Cover image, The Monkey King's Daughter®, Book 3

Spider Demon   Book 3

ISBN: 978-0-9678094-5-8  Amazon    @ IndieBound  
@ Powell's

Cover image, The Monkey King's Daughter®, Book 4

Jade Rabbit   Book 4

ISBN: 978-0-9678094-6-5  Amazon    @ IndieBound  
@ Powell's

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